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Young Imagineers

Develop your pupils creative problem-solving with the Young Imagineers resource. Pupils (aged 7-14) will be taken on a thrilling voyage of discovery into the past, present and future of ideas and inventions, before generating their own imaginative ideas to improve the word. Their ideas could even be turned into real-life prototypes and displayed at the Science Museum!

11-14 years old
Health educationPSHE
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About You 2019 - 2020

Always & Tampax fantastic ‘About You’ puberty education initiative is back for another year! Register NOW to be first on the list to receive the free sample packs in the Autumn term.

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3-11 Years
ArtScienceEnglishHealth educationPSHE

Wrap, Splat, Hat

An exciting sun awareness programme for 3-11 year-olds, with new and updated resources for 2019. Help pupils learn how to be sun safe this summer. The first 2,000 schools to register will receive free printed sun awareness pupil passports.

3-11 years
PSHEScienceEngineeringEnglishDesign & TechnologyMaths
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The Veg Power Challenge

Encourage your young explorers to love their veg and follow in the footsteps of Clarence Birdseye. Explore his uses of observational science, innovation and engineering to win great prizes!

5-11 years
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Glass Guardians

Do your pupils know the importance of recycling Glass? Help them become Glass Guardians with this fun and exciting cross-curricular education project and win great prizes!

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11-16 Years
GeographyScienceEnglishDesign & Technology
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Sky Ocean Rescue

"My plastic bottle doesn't make a difference"... says 7 billion people! Help your 11-16 year-olds become sustainable consumers and protect our oceans with the Sky Ocean Rescue resources then challenge them to express their voices with the blog competition.

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11-18 years old
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Be Bold for Brave Girls

Be Bold for Brave Girls is an inspiring, new fundraising and social action programme linked to the new Relationship and Sex Education curriculum.

3-11 years
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Plastic Investigators

Can your pupils solve the nation’s plastic problem? Their mission is to understand how important it is to recycle plastic. With the help of the Plastic Investigators resources they’ll be super PI agents in no time!

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4-18 years
Cross curricularGeographyScienceSTEM
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BP Educational Service

BP Educational Service has been running for over 50 years and provides free STEM education resources for primary and secondary schools. Register to access all the brilliant content.

3-11 years
Design & TechnologyCitizenshipPSHE
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Plastic Fantastic

Is your school Plastic Fantastic? By 2050 there will be as much plastic as fish in our oceans! Empower your pupils to take action and recycle their bathroom plastics.

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