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BEAR's Grrreat Food Quest

We are going on a quest with BEAR . Join us as we discover the importance of a healthy, balanced diet and help your pupils aged 5-7 uncover a love for fruit and vegetables with free and exciting resources.

9-14 years
ScienceDesign & TechnologySTEMCross curricular
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The Wearable Tech Challenge

Can your pupils create a new piece of wearable tech that will improve lives? Using the free resources and the nationwide competition, you’ll teach your pupils how science can make the world a better place, and inspire them to design the wearable technology of the future.

Superbugs graphic with Pfizer logo and join the fight title
ScienceRelationships and Sex EducationPSHE
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Ben Fogle's Hero to Zero Emission Miles Challenge

Climate Change. How can you make a difference? Ben Fogle is inviting all young people aged 7-11 to travel emission free for 7 days! Can they travel by scooter, bike, electric car or on foot to gain points for the national competition?

5 - 19 year-olds
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The Into Film Festival 2019

The Into Film Festival is the world's largest free film and education event for young people. It helps educators bring learning to life by inspiring young people to watch and understand film in new and creative ways.

11-14 years old
PSHEHealth education
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About You 2019 - 2020

Always & Tampax fantastic ‘About You’ puberty education initiative is open for 2019 / 2020! Register NOW to receive your free sample packs and curriculum-linked lesson resources.

WSH initiative banner
3-11 Years
EnglishHealth educationPSHEArtScience

Wrap, Splat, Hat

An exciting sun awareness programme for 3-11 year-olds, with new and updated resources for 2019. Help pupils learn how to be sun safe this summer. The first 2,000 schools to register will receive free printed sun awareness pupil passports.

3-11 years
EnglishDesign & TechnologyMathsPSHEScienceEngineering
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The Veg Power Challenge

Encourage your young explorers to love their veg and follow in the footsteps of Clarence Birdseye. Explore his uses of observational science, innovation and engineering to win great prizes!

5-11 years
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Glass Guardians

Do your pupils know the importance of recycling Glass? Help them become Glass Guardians with this fun and exciting cross-curricular education project and win great prizes!

Sky Ocean Rescue Banner
11-16 Years
EnglishDesign & TechnologyGeographyScience
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Sky Ocean Rescue

"My plastic bottle doesn't make a difference"... says 7 billion people! Help your 11-16 year-olds become sustainable consumers and protect our oceans with the Sky Ocean Rescue resources then challenge them to express their voices with the blog competition.

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