On occasion, we have programmes that require input from those with a wider set of skills, industry knowledge, and expertise to ensure work is of the highest quality and accuracy. We use a panel of highly talented writers and proofreaders, who are experts in their field.

We are looking for the following types of people to join our panel:

  • Experts in their field (e.g. STEM)
  • Competent copywriters, proof-readers and wordsmiths
  • People who:
    • Uphold our reputation for producing educational content of the highest quality
    • Want to be a part of creating exciting teaching resources and experiences for young people
    • Understand the curriculum/are on-the-ground teachers (not essential)
    • Understand commercial and corporate objectives (not essential)

At a glance

  • Paid opportunities
  • Experts in their field
  • Have an input on exciting inspirational learning programmes
  • Help ensure our programmes deliver the best benefit for educators and young people

If you’d like to be considered for our advisory panel and contacted about opportunities, please tell us about your experience and send us your C.V. via the ‘Work with us’ button, where you can also select the option to be considered for writing resources.

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