Our focus groups are exploratory sessions in which we seek to understand the attitudes and opinions of the people delivering our educational experiences.

The insights we gather are used to inform and develop teaching resources and learning experiences, or to understand educator or learner attitudes, opinions or needs. We’ve used focus groups for a range of brands, organisations and charities (inc. BBC Children in Need, British Gas and Great Western Railway).

We’re looking for enthusiastic and articulate educators who are motivated to make a positive difference by sharing their thoughts, and helping us ensure our programmes are the best they can be.

If group conversations aren’t your thing, take a look at our teledepths and online surveys sections.

At a glance

  • Paid opportunities / incentives
  • Chance to guide and develop inspirational learning programmes for young people
  • Insight and understanding into behaviours and attitudes

If you’d like to be considered for focus groups and contacted about opportunities, let us know via the ‘Work with us’ button or keep an eye out for the live opportunities we post on the website.

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