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11-13 years
HealthLiteracyApplied MathematicsTechnologyScienceCross curricular

Get #LitterLiterate

Help empower S1 and S2 students to change the culture of littering in Scotland with this free resource pack with links to Curriculum for Excellence.

YGW Storytelling Adventures child with iPad
5-11 Years

Storytelling Adventures

Fuel your pupils' imaginations and help them become master story writers! Storytelling Adventures provides a suite of engaging resources, including an exciting digital activity. Pupils will develop their creative writing skills with the help of some famous authors.

5-11 years
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Dettol's Handy Helpers

Help change your pupil’s attitudes and habits towards washing their hands with the Handy Helpers handwashing programme from Dettol. Keep those colds at bay and drive the sick days away!

7-11 Years
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Read big. Dream big.

Encourage your pupils to develop their literacy skills whilst they explore the amazing world of GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® title holders. Inspire your class to dream big!

7-11 Years
Cross curricularDesignPSHEEnglishMedia

My School Rocks!

Schools are amazing places, full of incredible staff. My School Rocks! provides cross-curricular resources covering PSHE, literature and much more, plus a chance to win a VIP prize.

16-19 Years

BFI Film Academy Courses

Give your students, aged 16-19, the opportunity of a life time with the BFI Film Academy courses. From shorter network courses offering first-step filmmaking skills to longer residentials, the courses are run by industry professionals across the country. A career in film may be closer than you think!

Yellow Happy Eggventures banner image with Super Six characters
7-11 Years
DesignPSHEArtDesign & TechnologyScienceLiteracy
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Happy Eggventures

The Happy Eggventures resource from the happy egg co. will help your students to make informed choices about food, improve their literacy skills and give them the chance to get creative.

Free Range Art winners banner image with farm to fork journey, egg box and brightly coloured crayons
7-11 Years
Design & TechnologyDesignPSHEArt
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Free-Range Art

Help your pupils learn all about egg farming and the benefits of free-range chickens in a fun and creative way. Develop their art and design skills through a series of creative challenges.

11-18 years
Social educationHealthPSHE
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About You and #EndPeriodPoverty

Help your students embrace puberty with confidence and develop healthy relationships with Always & Tampax’s newly updated ‘About You’ education programme, now with free pads and tampons. Plus help prevent your girls missing school due to period poverty with additional free pads as part of Always’ #EndPeriodPoverty initiative.

7-11 Years
STEMMathsPSHEScienceDesign & Technology
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Young Imagineers

Develop your pupils creative problem-solving with the Young Imagineers resource. Pupils will be taken on a thrilling voyage of discovery into the past, present and future of ideas and inventions, before generating their own imaginative ideas to improve the world. Their ideas could even be turned into real-life prototypes and displayed at the Science Museum!

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